How Does Allstate Determine Virginia Car Accident Case Value?
The very first thing to know about negotiating a personal injury settlement against Allstate is that they are notoriously stingy. Allstate has made a reputation amongst the personal injury bar for forcing cases to go to trial. Remember that this is the insurance company that the book From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves was written about. And […]
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Hit as a Pedestrian? Four Things You Need to Know
If you were hit by a car as a pedestrian, you need to know a few things before trying to deal with the insurance company. Pedestrian vs. car accidents can be tricky, because there are many pitfalls that can cause you to lose your case right off the bat, especially in the Commonwealth of Virginia. […]
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Handling Your Own Property Damage Claim After an Auto Accident
The property damage claims process is typically much easier to navigate than the personal injury process is. In the vast majority of cases, these claims can be handled without an attorney.To initiate a claim, you can call either your insurance company or the other driver’s. Most companies have a preferred body shop available to repair […]
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7 Things to Do At the Scene of a Car Crash
Most car crash victims automatically assume that the other driver will be truthful with their automobile insurance company and that, in turn, the auto insurance company will treat them fairly when dealing with their personal injury or property damage claim. While people are usually truthful, you cannot just assume that a different version of the […]
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Approached by a Lawyer’s Staff after a Virginia Car Crash?
Were you approached by someone after your car crash who encouraged you to hire a specific lawyer? You might have been in the waiting room of a hospital or have received something in the mail. Either way, the practice of going out and soliciting business directly from the potential client in a personal injury case […]
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Can They Ask That?: Interrogatories in Car Accident Cases in Virginia
Shortly after filing your auto accident lawsuit, you can expect your lawyer to receive a set of questions from the defendant called “Interrogatories.” Interrogatories are the first step in the discovery process in Virginia. These are legal pleadings asking you to answer, under oath, a number of questions about the car crash, your medical treatment, […]
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Depositions in Auto Accident Cases
At some point after you’ve filed a lawsuit in a personal injury case in Virginia, you will probably be asked by the defendant’s lawyer to submit to a deposition. Short of trial itself, this is probably the most intimidating aspect of the litigation process for an auto accident victim. A deposition is the opportunity of […]
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