Virginia Car Crash Statistics – 2009
In 2009, though the number of drivers on Virginia roads increased by half a percent over 2008, the number of traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities were all down. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is reporting that in 2009, there were 116,744 traffic accidents. This is a decrease of a whopping 13.7% from 2008. In addition, traffic […]
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Understanding Sprain/Strain Injuries After Auto Accidents
One of the most common injuries in an auto accident is the sprain/strain style injury. This is often referred to as hyperextension-hyperflexion injury, or whiplash. As Fairfax auto accident attorneys, we see these injuries on a regular basis. But most people who have been diagnosed with sprain/strain injuries do not actually know what is going […]
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The Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement
You might not even be out of the hospital before the other driver’s insurance company calls and asks you for a recorded statement. The adjuster will give you all sorts of reasons why you should give them one: It will help them evaluate the case; They cannot make a determination as to fault (even in […]
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Negotiating your Auto Accident case with Nationwide
Nationwide has the fifth largest market share of Virginia auto insurers, collecting more than $7 billion in premiums in 2009. Though Farmer’s rates ahead of Nationwide when you’re taking the state as a whole, we find that we are more often dealing with Nationwide than Farmers insurance company in northern Virginia. Negotiating Cases with Nationwide […]
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Loudoun County Car Accident Lawyer David L. Marks
Have you been in a car accident in Leesburg and you’re beginning to worry about how to get your medical bills paid for? How to get reimbursed for your lost wages? Maybe the insurance company is giving you the run around when you’re just trying to get your car fixed and you’re wondering whether it’ll […]
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Injured in an Auto Accident with a Runaway Drive
If you are rear-ended by a runaway driver, the first thing that you need to do (in fact, the first thing that you should do in every single accident) is call the police. Police officers will respond to the scene and put a call out to all other officers to be on the lookout for […]
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How to Undo Your Auto Accident Settlement
Did the adjuster show up at your house just a few days after the crash and get you to sign a release in exchange for a couple hundred dollars? Are you now experiencing more pain and want to seek medical treatment, but don’t know how you’re going to pay for it? Do you want to […]
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How to Purchase Virginia Uninsured Motorist Insurance
Virginia only requires driver’s to carry liability insurance in the amount of $25,000 per injury and $50,000 per accident. This means that if you are hit by a negligent driver and injured or even killed in an auto accident, the most his insurance company is obligated to pay you is $25,000. If he is breaking […]
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How to Find the Best Attorney for Your Virginia Auto Accident Case
If you’ve been injured in a Virginia car crash and you’re looking for a lawyer on the internet, you’re probably wondering how to choose the best lawyer for your case. After all, a Google search for Fairfax personal injury lawyer only returns 564,000 results. How do you choose? Should you just call the guy with […]
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