There’s nothing worse than watching helplessly as your child suffers from injuries that you can’t fix. If you find yourself in this position, you want an advocate in your corner who can answer the hundreds of questions running through your mind.

By far the biggest concern that we hear from parents is concern for their child’s future. What happens if he never fully recovers? What happens if there is something wrong with her that the doctor’s cannot diagnose just yet? We recognize those concerns.

Parents also want to know who is going to pay for their son’s medical bills. They want to know whether their daughter is going to be compensated for her pain and suffering. They want justice. We help them find it.

Cases involving children require a special set of knowledge because of the risk for lingering issues like permanent scarring or injury to the growth plates. Knowing that your child’s case is in the hands of experienced personal injury lawyers can set your mind at ease and help you get back to what is most important: taking care of your hurt child.

We have extensive experience in evaluating children’s cases. Both of our attorneys are routinely appointed as guardians ad litem by Courts in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Prince William to neutrally evaluate minor’s cases for settlement purposes. After seeing hundreds of these cases, we are better to investigate and evaluate our own client’s cases in light of the need for future care or permanency concerns.

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