Will my auto insurance company drop me for filing a claim against them under my uninsured motorist policy?

No. Under Virginia law, an auto insurance company may not “drop” you for filing a cliam under the uninsured motorist provision of your car insurance policy. This is codified in Virginia code 38.2-2212(C)(1)(n):

  • No insurer shall refuse to renew a motor vehicle insurance policy solely because of any one or more of the following factors:
  • (n) One or more claims submitted under the uninsured motorists coverage of the policy where the uninsured motorist is known or there is physical evidence of contact

Many people involved in accidents where the other driver either had let his insurance lapse or had minimal coverage are afraid to make a claim under their own underinsured motorist coverage because they think the insurance company will drop them.

Our question to them is: What is the point of paying premiums on insurance coverage for all these years when you’re not going to use it when you finally need it?


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