Who Pays my Medical Bills After a Dog Bite?

Dog bite injuries tend to be either very small or very large. Either the dog nicked your arm and drew a little bit of blood or the dog caused a lot of damage. The small injuries tend to be a result of a dog that is startled or backed into a corner and looking for a way out. The large injuries tend to occur when dangerous or aggressive dogs are not properly maintained by their owners.

Either way, if you’ve been bitten by someone else’s dog, you’re probably left with the feeling that you and your insurance company shouldn’t be the ones who are responsible for paying the bills.

If you do have health insurance, they should be paying the bills first. The last thing that you want to do after being bitten by a dog is let the medical bills rack up or go into collections. If you have health insurance, let them pay the bills initially and seek recourse from the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy after you have made a full recovery. Remember that the homeowner’s insurance policy is only going to write you one check as a settlement of your dog bite case. They will not be paying the bills piecemeal as they come in.


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