Policy Limits Settlement for Couple Struck by Wrong Way Drunk Driver

Our clients were travelling westbound on the Dulles Toll Road in Fairfax County. The defendant was travelling eastbound, but he was in the westbound lanes. After striking our clients’ vehicle head-on, the defendant kicked out the front windshield of his truck and ran through the woods into a nearby neighborhood. His shoe was stuck in the truck’s windshield. Police later found him, with one shoe, knocking on doors in the neighborhood. He was charged with Felony Hit & Run, Driving While Intoxicated (his second), and Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test.

Our clients did not seek emergency treatment and each saw a chiropractor for approximately two months before their injuries totally resolved. They each had approximately $6,000 in medical bills.

Each case was settled for the Defendant’s policy limits of $50,000 shortly after a lawsuit was filed.


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