How To Deal With The Adjuster Who Says “No One Gets Hurt In Small Accidents”

We hear frequently from clients who tell us that they attempted to negotiate a settlement for their personal injury case on their own, but then became frustrated with the adjuster. If you talk to enough of them, it’s easy to tell which adjusters you’re going to have problems with. These are the adjusters who say things like “no one ever gets hurt in crashes like this,” or “your pain should have resolved in X weeks,” or “you are the only case I’ve seen where…”When you come across an adjuster like this – one who makes you feel stupid, petty, or even fraudulent – the only thing left to do is seek legal advice. While the insurance adjuster making offers on your case is never truly on your side, adjusters who say things like this are making it clear that they will not be offering you a fair value to settle your auto accident case. Of course, the adjuster will never come right out and accuse you of insurance fraud, but they will question things like:

  • Why did you go to a chiropractor instead of a “real doctor?”
  • Why did you wait a week before seeing a physician?
  • If you were hurt, why didn’t you go to the emergency room?
  • Why did you need 12 weeks of treatment when the injuries are “supposed” to resolve in only 6?

This type of adjuster actually makes your life a little bit easier. Maybe you were sitting there wondering whether you even needed to hire a Virginia personal injury lawyer. This adjuster makes the decision simple: if you want a fair settlement value, you’ll need a lawyer who is willing to take your case all the way to trial to get the results that you want.
While every case is different, our office has had some success at trial even in very minor property damage cases. If you’re dealing with an insurance adjuster who won’t leave you alone and who won’t make you a decent offer, call the Law Offices of David L. Marks at (703) 385-1100.

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