What is tort reform?
Answer: Tort reform is variety of ideas and laws that are designed by big business and the insurance industry to limit the recovery of the Plaintiff in a personal injury case. Most commonly, we see tort reform in the medical malpractice field.
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What is a tort?
Answer: Tort is one of those words that almost no one uses outside of law school, except to talk about “tort reform.” But to understand what they’re trying to “reform,” you first have to know what a tort is.
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What is a frivolous lawsuit?
Answer: The definition of a frivolous lawsuit is one that is brought with no legal merit and little or no chance of success. Frivolous cases are those that are brought based on absurd legal theories or that have no underlying basis in fact.
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What is a contingency fee?
Answer: All of our fees are contingency based. This means that whether you owe us any money at the end of your case is contingent upon us getting some recovery for you.
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